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Boat Noodle Sdn Bhd Privacy Policy

Boat Noodle Sdn Bhd respects your right to personal data protection and privacy. This document (“Policy”) explains Boat Noodle’s privacy policy, prepared and implemented in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (‘Act’), including all its modification thereto.

This policy applies to all personal data collected by Boat Noodle in rendering Boat Noodle’s services such as the registration of .my domain names, the usage of any of Boat Noodle platform Services, the purchase of Boat Noodle products and any other services that Boat Noodle may render from time to time. “Personal data” means any information relating to an identifiable individual which is collected and further processed by Boat Noodle in order to provide Boat Noodle’s services. Examples of personal data are names, addresses, contact details, etc.


Collection of Personal Data

Boat Noodle collects your personal data for the following purposes:

i. Administering registration of .my domain names;            

ii. Maintenance and/or operation of a .my domain name registry;

iii. To process any financial transactions;

iv. Maintenance and Administration of customer’s accounts;

v. To conduct any research or analysis;

vi. For the administration of any contest that Boat Noodle may organize from time to time;

vii. To improve on website marketing efforts;

viii. Receiving and dealing with customers’ enquiries and/or complaints by third parties;

ix. Obtaining your feedback on our services

x. General record keeping in the course of Boat Noodle’s operations; and

xi. To inform you on our latest promotion and activities.


Unless stated otherwise, the personal data required is obligatory to be provided by you. Should you fail to provide such obligatory personal data, Boat Noodle will be unable to process your request for services and/or assist you in providing the service(s) you requested.

Boat Noodle may also use your personal data to inform you of updates from Boat Noodle which may include price promotions, new services or products, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

Boat Noodle collects personal data directly from you and/or from Boat Noodle’s appointed resellers, third parties, any web services, purchase, interaction or any other activities that you may have conducted with Boat Noodle.


Security and Retention of Personal Data

Boat Noodle implements security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, copying, use, alteration, accidental loss or theft, destruction or damage. Such security measures include technical protection of Boat Noodle’s system, training of Boat Noodle staff and implementation of information security management system (ISMS) policies under ISO 27001:2013.

Boat Noodle’s Security Policy is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Boat Noodle’s critical information, processing facilities and services which includes your personal data.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Boat Noodle may disclose your personal data to our duly appointed business partners that assist Boat Noodle to provide you with Boat Noodle services such as:

  • .my domain registration services
  • .my domain customer care and related activities
  • .my domain charging and billing purposes
  • .my domain technical support purposes
  • .my domain marketing and its related activities (including market research); and
  • any other services necessary for the general care and management of your registration, purchases, participation or any other services that you may render from Boat Noodle from time to time.

Boat Noodle will ensure that any appointed business partners shall only use and process your personal data for the purpose(s) it was collected for and by Boat Noodle, and adopt appropriate technical and organisational security measures when processing your personal data.

Other than for the above purposes and for such other purposes as may be required by law, Boat Noodle will not disclose, sell, trade or rent your personal information to any other third party unless your prior consent has been obtained.

Access to Personal Data

Boat Noodle is committed to processing your personal data within the ambit of the Act. Subject to the provisions of the Act, you have the right to access your personal data and/or correct your personal data with Boat Noodle should you believe the personal data provided to Boat Noodle is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. Should you wish to access and/or correct your personal data retained by Boat Noodle, kindly contact Boat Noodle at

Right of Review

Boat Noodle reserves the right to review and amend this Policy from time to time.