Boat Noodle serves authentic Thai noodles that are inspired by the history and culture of people making a humble living by selling food and goods on their boats at a floating market in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

People used the water as a means of transportation and labor. Small bowls of noodles were therefore a practical and secure way to indulge. Despite the small serving size, the noodles' high quality was sufficient to keep them going.

In order to replicate the feel of the floating market, Boat Noodle has continued the tradition of using small bowls. Affordable and filling, customers are able to eat a variety of dishes at once, which created the trend of bowl stacking.

We offer authenticity in the flavours of our menu with a variety of choices that can definitely satisfy everyone.

Once your food arrives, your meals will quickly fill up the table and have an array of flavours in front of you.

We bring the ambience of the streets of Bangkok, so our décor is decked with wooden chairs and tables to evoke the Thai street food vibe.

Get front-row seats to watch how the chefs prepare the drinks and food whilst your senses are engaged in the sound, smell, sight and taste.

We offer a meal worth every bite, our small bowl is packed with a punch, and you have the opportunity to try other kinds as well.

We are the best companion you need, the break you deserve after a long day and for any celebration, you have achieved.